Library Orientation

Library Orientation at Eastern International College is mandatory for all in-coming students. Attendance is scheduled by class. At the completion of Orientation students must complete a survey. Upon returning the survey students are issued a Certificate of Completion for their student files.

Library Printing Policy

  1. Students are given 300 free pages per semester / session.

  2. If a student exceeds that number, he/she may buy more pages.The cost is 10 cents per page and can be paid directly to the librarian.

  3. Photocopies are included in the number mentioned above.

  4. All students may register for free printing with the librarian.

  5. Students’ usernames are the first initial of their first name and last name

    For example: Victoria Swanson Username: vswanson

    Students may select their own passwords.

  6. Faculty and staff may use the library printer to print but are requested to use the faculty copier / printer to copy.

    Please see the librarian to register and receive a username & password.

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