• Adult Online Learner Studying On Her Laptop At Home

    Going Back to School Online as an Adult

    Going back to college as an adult can feel daunting. You might worry about how to integrate a class schedule into the life you’ve spent years building or  you may be concerned with getting back into the mindset of a student. completing a degree online, you can make a smooth transition from one sphere of […]

  • Echocardiogram Machine

    Adult Echocardiography Defined

    An echocardiogram, also known simply as an echo, can provide a lot of helpful information about patients’ hearts. For example, if a patient has blood clots, issues with the aorta, or a similar concern, healthcare providers can use echoes to get a clear look at what’s going on without performing an invasive procedure. Therefore, adult […]

  • Discussion Between Allied Health Professionals

    The Benefits of the Health Leadership Completion Program

    There are many paths to a rewarding career in allied health, from diagnostic imaging to medical assisting; some individuals feel called to leadership roles that will help them make a difference. If you’re one of these people and have already achieved an Associate’s Degree in an allied health field, Eastern International College’s online Bachelor of […]

  • Hygienist Reviewing Information With A Patient

    How Dental Hygienists Influence Dental Education

    Dental hygienists do a lot more for patients than might first meet the eye. Along with plaque removal, sealant application, and other clinical duties, they are also charged with providing oral health education to their patients. Here, Eastern International College takes a closer look at the educational nuances of this profession and how hygienists can […]

  • Nurse Happily Chatting With A Patient

    How to Choose a Nursing Specialty

    Choosing a nursing specialty is an important step in defining the direction of your career, but for many students, it can be a difficult decision to make. With over 100 nursing specialties to choose from, it can seem impossible to pick the one that will provide you with an enjoyable, rewarding career? That’s where Eastern […]

  • Cardiovascular Technologist Helps Administer a Stress Test

    What Does a Cardiovascular Technologist Do?

    In the field of cardiology, physicians rely on the assistance of competent cardiovascular technologists, who are proficient in non-invasive sonographic procedures. As America’s population continues to age, the need for highly-qualified cardiovascular technologists within the adult echocardiography sector continues to grow as well. Eastern International College offers a Cardiovascular Technology Program has a focus on […]

  • Complete Your Dental Hygiene Bachelor’s Degree Online

    If you are a registered dental hygienist with an Associate’s Degree, you might be looking for a way to advance your career. With a packed schedule and not much free time, how will you complete a bachelor’s degree that equips you with the necessary skills to achieve your goals? With Eastern International College, you’re in […]

  • Medical Sonographer Adjusts Sonogram Machine

    Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Beyond Ultrasounds

    When you study to become a diagnostic medical sonographer, you’re taking the first step toward a rewarding career. Your daily work can help give patients peace of mind, guide them toward healing, and even deliver happy surprises – like confirmation of a baby’s gender. But the field of sonography is extremely diverse, and new applications […]

  • President’s and Dean’s List Honorees for Summer 2019

    These students have given Eastern International College permission to be posted.