Students are selected for Federal or New Jersey State Verification each award year. Once selected for Verification, the student may be required to submit additional documentation to confirm the data reported. Awards are not secured until the Verification process is complete. In the event of an award change as based on this information, the student will be notified of the update.

Federal Verification

Students are selected for Federal Verification following processing of the Student Aid Report. If selected, the student is notified of selection and any additional documents required. Students must submit this documentation to the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner. Award amounts as quoted for Federal Student Aid may change as based on any corrections to data as needed. Funds are not disbursed until Federal Verification is complete.

State Verification

Students are instructed to monitor their NJ State Grant applications via NJFAMS ( If selected for State Verification, the student is informed by HESAA of any outstanding documentation. Students are advised to include the Financial Aid Office in the State Verification process as documents on file (eg: Tax Return Transcript, Proof of Social Services) may need to be submitted. HESAA has established a secure tool for electronic document collection (MappingYourFuture); it is suggested that students utilize this method of submission for faster processing. State grant awards are not included on the award letter until State Verification is complete.

If you qualify for State student financial assistance by purposely reporting false or misleading information, you may be subject to a $20,000 fine and/or imprisonment.