EIC Institutional Mission Statement

Eastern International College is a student-centered and career-oriented institution of higher education dedicated to the
professional development of its diverse student body. Through innovative curricula, leading-edge technology,
experiential (“hands-on”) learning and caring and responsive student services, EIC will provide:

  • Challenging health sciences curricula and environments that maximize student success by equipping and
    engaging students to critically appraise and apply knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their chosen
    profession, in the service of others, and in their communities.
  • Scholarly faculty and dedicated staff who encourage and support diversity and promote excellence in
    teaching, learning and service as the college’s primary focus.
  • Academic programs that foster ethical and critical thinking informed and enriched by nationally recognized
    general education standards and professionally accredited career competencies to ensure a quality collegiate
  • Leadership with innovative and responsive health science programs designed to anticipate and respond to
    healthcare market needs and provide the foundation for lifelong learning skilled in, and adaptable to new
    information and technologies.