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Are you interested in pursuing a college degree in the allied health field?

Eastern International College offers eight highly in-demand degrees in the allied health field that include:

On-Campus Programs

Online Programs

Why You Should Choose Eastern International College

Our programs meet the needs of the competitive job market. Our clinical externship program allows students to get hands-on training in a real-world setting. Our externship program also allows students to meet potential employers and make connections. Our classrooms and laboratories are equipped with supplies and modern technology used in hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices throughout the U.S. We believe in the value of one-on-one teaching, and we will make sure you have access to your administration and professors both inside and outside of class times. Our programs are designed to accommodate students of all ages and backgrounds. Our staff and faculty aim to develop basic and critical thinking abilities in classes. Our educational philosophy also focuses on interpersonal skills and trains students for the workplace.

Earn your degree

We are committed to the educational and professional enrichment of every student in our programs. At Eastern International College, our goal is to provide a curriculum and environment that helps our students to develop their skills in healthcare and then truly excel in them. We also aim to create an atmosphere that helps students to form a positive self-image and become confident in their abilities.

We have a two-fold goal at this allied health education college: we aim to enhance students’ basic science, clinical, leadership, management, and technical skills while at the same time preparing them for the real-life situations that they will encounter when they are out in the workplace. We want our students to learn how to secure a career in allied health and then understand how to keep that job.

Educating Students from Greater New York, Jersey City, Belleville, All of New Jersey, and Beyond

In all of our programs, our faculty will work to instill professionalism and a strong work ethic as you explore your career path. The faculty and staff at Eastern International College New Jersey are focused on creating a nurturing and caring environment for students.

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