Student Services

Placement and Career Services

Eastern International College offers job placement services to graduating students.  Students are required to register their resumes with the Director of Career Services prior to the start of their final courses. Interviews and pre-testing appointments are arranged for the student once graduation requirements are met. Many employers and guest speakers visit the College to interview students for permanent and temporary employment. Although placement services are available to graduating students, Eastern International College does not guarantee placement. However, Eastern International College makes every effort to assist each graduate in obtaining gainful employment.

Library/Learning Resource Center

The Library/Learning Resource Center contains books, hardware, software, databases and additional publications directly related to training in specialized program areas. Computer stations provide access to the Internet, the Microsoft Suite, and the Library Catalog.  Eastern International College offers an Internet learning module during new student orientation in order to acquaint students with computer skills and resources.


Eastern International College is a commuter college and does not offer campus housing.


The Eastern International College Belleville Campus is easily accessible by New Jersey Transit buses and street parking is available. The College does not offer cross-campus transportation.

Maintenance of Records

Eastern International College maintains academic and attendance records for currently enrolled students, graduates, and students who have withdrawn or were terminated by the College, in accordance with statutory requirements.