• Financial Literacy Month Tips, Tricks, and Updates

    April is financial literacy month! Easter International College’s Financial Aid offices are posting up information and providing online information on how to become or remain financially savvy. Want to learn where you access your credit score for free or need tips on managing money? This month is dedicated to informing all students where they can […]

  • Avoid These Common Student Loan Mistakes

    Eastern International College Grads! You’re approaching that time that you must repay your student loan, so what better way to tackle this then by avoiding some mistakes from the start. Avoid these common problems people face with student loans and have a plan to succesfully repay back your student loans: 1. Not figuring out how […]

  • Financial Aid: Sallie Mae News!

    As of October 13, 2014, Sallie Mae officially split into two servicing companies: Sallie Mae and Navient. All new applications for Federal education loans as well as pre-existing federal and private loans will be serviced by Navient. Affected borrowers have been notified by Sallie Mae and Navient via email and postal correspondence; borrower accounts have […]