• Echocardiogram Machine

    Adult Echocardiography Defined

    An echocardiogram, also known simply as an echo, can provide a lot of helpful information about patients’ hearts. For example, if a patient has blood clots, issues with the aorta, or a similar concern, healthcare providers can use echoes to get a clear look at what’s going on without performing an invasive procedure. Therefore, adult […]

  • Discussion Between Allied Health Professionals

    The Benefits of the Health Leadership Completion Program

    There are many paths to a rewarding career in allied health, from diagnostic imaging to medical assisting; some individuals feel called to leadership roles that will help them make a difference. If you’re one of these people and have already achieved an Associate’s Degree in an allied health field, Eastern International College’s online Bachelor of […]

  • Hygienist Reviewing Information With A Patient

    How Dental Hygienists Influence Dental Education

    Dental hygienists do a lot more for patients than might first meet the eye. Along with plaque removal, sealant application, and other clinical duties, they are also charged with providing oral health education to their patients. Here, Eastern International College takes a closer look at the educational nuances of this profession and how hygienists can […]