EIC Project Care: Participate by Spreading Inspiration

Eastern International College would like you to participate with our EIC Project Care initiative. We are helping to support our educational communities with the impact of earthquakes in Puerto Rico, by creating inspirational greeting card messages from the EIC community. Let’s share our compassion and inspiration!

In order to participate you must purchase and sign a card to share how much we care! We are asking for each person to pick up an inspirational card that has a message to spread hope, care, and compassion. Your donated card should have only your first name and your status at the college (i.e: faculty, staff, “Name Program” Student). If you are a nursing student you would sign like this”First name only, Nursing Student.” Do not add your last name!

You may write a small note in the card with a line or two, if you wish. Please hand your card into your front desk (Mary or Kenya in Belleville  and Brenda or Rebecca in Jersey City) Boxes will be at the front desk by Monday. If you would like to add some words of encouragement or inspiration in Spanish, there will be sample phrases at the front desk that you can use to write it on the envelope only.  Please remember to write it on the outside of the envelope not within the card.

The Project Care Initiative will run until February 14, 2020 and will be mailed to an institution that is associated with different schools in Puerto Rico.


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