• Cardiovascular Technologist Helps Administer a Stress Test

    What Does a Cardiovascular Technologist Do?

    In the field of cardiology, physicians rely on the assistance of competent cardiovascular technologists, who are proficient in non-invasive sonographic procedures. As America’s population continues to age, the need for highly-qualified cardiovascular technologists within the adult echocardiography sector continues to grow as well. Eastern International College offers a Cardiovascular Technology Program has a focus on […]

  • Complete Your Dental Hygiene Bachelor’s Degree Online

    If you are a registered dental hygienist with an Associate’s Degree, you might be looking for a way to advance your career. With a packed schedule and not much free time, how will you complete a bachelor’s degree that equips you with the necessary skills to achieve your goals? With Eastern International College, you’re in […]

  • Medical Sonographer Adjusts Sonogram Machine

    Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Beyond Ultrasounds

    When you study to become a diagnostic medical sonographer, you’re taking the first step toward a rewarding career. Your daily work can help give patients peace of mind, guide them toward healing, and even deliver happy surprises – like confirmation of a baby’s gender. But the field of sonography is extremely diverse, and new applications […]