Eastern International College’s Graduation Day

Eastern International College celebrated its graduation on May 24, 2019 at the William Paterson University Campus in New Jersey.  Students were joined by their families and friends to celebrate their big day. The special day included speeches from guest speakers, honoring students for their accomplishments and congratulating the class of 2019.The CEO and various department heads accompanies the students along with the Guest speakers that included the President, Andrew Scott Ziner, Ph.D., Lt. Col. Robert Tilli, and Amy DeGise.

Here are some highlights of the big day:

Amy DeGise ” Just as you made the investment in yourself use the opportunities you received and turn them into opportunites for others.” Amy congratulated the graduating class and asked them to give back to their communities every chance that they can.

Lt. Colonel Robert N. Tilli “When problems come we may whine at times, we may vent our pain at times, we may exhale insecurities at times, but then we inhale possibilities.” Lt. Col. Bob Tilli encouraging our graduating class to push through the bad times because all design our own solutions and move forward in life.

Patricia Moran, Ph.D., Guest Speaker

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