Financial Literacy Month Tips, Tricks, and Updates

April is financial literacy month! Easter International College’s Financial Aid offices are posting up information and providing online information on how to become or remain financially savvy. Want to learn where you access your credit score for free or need tips on managing money? This month is dedicated to informing all students where they can get that information and help share it. Let us reach those financial goals we have been wanting to reach.

Check back on this blog link as it will keep getting updated on a weekly basis.

Week one – Credit Scores& Reports

Click here for the “What is a Credit Score” Video

Informational handouts available outside of the financial aid offices in Bellevile and Jersey City for week one:

Week 2 Personal Budgeting

Check out some benefits of budgeting here…

Week 3 Identity Theft…/…/college-students–identity-theft.cnn

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