Live-Stream Tutoring is Here!

Livestream Tutoring in Jersey City NJ - Eastern International College

What is it? How do I access it?

The Student Life Program’s “Livestreamed Peer-Tutoring Initiative” (LPTI) is an easy-access concept designed at providing students with academic enrichment – no matter where they are. In addressing the issues of students having to be physically present on campus to tutor & study amongst themselves, the LPTI involves students using Facebook as a platform to “livestream” study sessions from the comfort of their mobile devices. This initiative is designed for ensuring you help better connect with one another and have additional studying opportunities, on campus or off!


1. “like” the EIC Student Life & Tutoring pages
2. Make sure you are LOGGED IN to the Facebook profile you “liked” it on (for ex., if you have two Facebook accounts & liked it on your personal one, that is the one you’ll get the notification on!)
3. Edit notification settings under “FOLLOW”: go to “edit notification settings” & under “live videos”, select “All Live Posts” as an option so that you will receive the notification when the tutoring goes live
4. Tune in to begin studying!


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