Dental Hygiene Students Give Kids a Smile

Eastern International College’s Dental Hygiene Program participated for the second year in the American Dental Association’s Give Kids a Smile program, on February 5, 2016. Six teams went to the classrooms of the school in order to provide free preventative dental care to more than 100 Kindergarten and first grade children. Each team included dentists or hygienists and about eight Dental Hygiene students, prepared to educate the children. The teams reviewed brushing, eating right and performed toothbrush prophylaxis(preventing disease), fluoride varnish and a dental screening. A tooth fairy, Olaf from Frozen, and Mickey Mouse accompanied the teams and kept the children entertained while they learned the importance of oral health.

This year Dental Hygiene students and faculty walked to the Golden Door Charter School, located in Jersey City, because of weather conditions. Last year the children arrived at Eastern International College’s dental hygiene clinic for the event.

Photos of last year’s event in the DH clinic

Photos of the event this year in the classroom

Dental Hygiene students from Eastern International College's Dental Hygiene Program attend event a local school

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