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Fall is around the corner along with pumpkin spice flavored everything! That also means that it is time for you to prepare yourself to go back-to-school. It could be your first time in college, first day at Eastern International College or just your first day of a new semester and you want to be prepared with more than just a notebook and a pen. Here some out-of-the-box ways to be prepared for your first day.

  1. Scholarship search tools( /financial-aid/scholarships/ )

    Click here to click on the link for scholarship searches, along with the scholarships offered at EIC.

  2. Some Basic Apps that might make life just a bit easier :
  • DropBox- Save Files, Share them, Access them any time

Android || iOS

  • Any.Do: Need a planner or do you create to-do lists everyday to stay organized? Then this is what you need

Android || iOS

  • Scientific Calculator : Definitely need a scientific calendar! Pull it up right on your phone

Android || iOS

  • Dictionary: Because, we always need to use the words correctly or know what they mean

Android || iOS

  • Free WiFi app : App helps you find free WiFi when you aren’t in school or home, on-the-go and need to study !
  1. Follow EIC on Social Media! Share the content, stay up-to-date on events, school closings, changes in schedules, student life activities etc.

Twitter || Facebook || Instagram || Linkedin || Pinterest || Youtube

  1. WiFi password is available at the front desk for all students, just ask!
  2. You have an Eastern International College e-mail address- Click here to access it

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Written By: Steph Bassanini

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