Scratch This Off Your Summer Goal List!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Summer Semester

  1. Keep your momentum going! No Gaps between semesters
  2. Early Morning #summerselfies! Wake up, snap a pic of that fresh bronze summer face, post it, tag us, and go learn! No but Seriously Finish use this time to finish your degree faster.
  3. Less people, more PARKING
  4. Cross off required classes so you can take others during the fall and spring
  5. Smaller Classes! Get that one-on-one attention you may need
  6. Catch-up if you need too! If you unfortunately failed a course now is the time to retake it
  7. Go to the BEACH! You will already be up early for class, might as well go to the beach right after if you have early morning classes
  8. Staff, faculty, and administration are available, need any questions answered or haven’t been able to see them during the Spring or Fall semesters visit them now!
  9. Both Part-Time and Full-Time options are available.
  10. Take advantage of the services Eastern International College offers during the summer: Work on your resume with career services, join a club in student life, visit the Library etc.

Classes begin soon but there is still time to register! Make the move and secure your spot for the Summer Semester.

Written By Staff, Stephanie Bassanini

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