Explore the Possibilities of a Nursing Associate Degree Program!

You have searched for career, maybe thought of beginning a new one, and now you have found yourself considering a career as a nurse. There are many reasons to become a nurse such as the desire to change people’s lives, attain financial stability, the diverse environment opportunities, or simply a calling to help others. The goal of becoming a registered nurse is rewarding and to be applauded, but it can be a confusing and difficult road to travel. There are a range of programs, schools, and opportunities that exist for prospective nursing students. Here are some reasons to apply to Eastern International College’s Nursing Associate Degree:

  • Proven Success: Eastern International College has a 100% NCLEX Pass Rate for 2014 (NJ Board of Nursing)
  • Stability within Reach: A student can become a registered nurse upon passing the NCLEX
  • Great Opportunities: The Average Job Placement rate for all of EIC’s programs including Nursing is 80.5%
  • Able to start NOW: There are still new student spaces available in the Summer 2015 semester
  • Credibility: Accredited by the New Jersey Board of Nursing
  • No waiting: We are selective but have no wait list. If you are ready to apply, it really can begin right away!

Begin your career helping others immediately! There is still time to apply to Eastern International College’s Nursing(RN Upon Passing NCLEX) Program for the Summer 2015 semester, call 973-751-9051 and speak to an admissions representative.

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Written By Steph Bassanini

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