What do Medical Assistants Do?

What Do Medical Assistants Do?


A medical assistant’s(MA) role varies depending on the environment they choose to work in. Their duties range from Medical/Laboratory procedures to clerical/ office procedures. An MA must be willing to take on a range of tasks throughout the day including the measuring of vital signs, helping physicians, phlebotomy, among other administrative duties. If you enjoy being able to take part in several different scenarios in the allied health field then becoming a medical assistant may be for you.

Medical Assistant Program at Eastern International College(EIC)

The Medical Assistant Associate of Applied Science program at EIC consists of a total of 65 semester credits. Twenty credits are General Education courses, the remaining 45 credits are major-program courses. This program prepares students to work as entry-level medical assistants. Some areas that an MA can work in are doctor’s offices medical imaging labs, or hospitals. If you want to learn more about the courses that make up this program visit this link – MA-AAS.

Jumpstarting Your Career as an MA at EIC

Throughout the MA program at EIC several resources are available to help you succeed during the program and after completion. During the program tutoring is available for certain courses; the library resource center has a vast collection of books, textbooks, and electronic resources, and the career services department offers workshops to help prepare students. The Career Services department also provides grads with job search assistance and helps students learn how to secure a job after graduating.

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