Study Tips from Eastern International College

Study Tips from Eastern International College

Studying begins from the moment you take notes. While you’re sitting in the classroom listening to your professor’s lesson, pay attention (that’s the first study tip). Difficulty lies the moment an exam is approaching and you have to learn the content first, then actually study it. So attend class, stay awake, and make sure you take some notes! Here are some different ways to take notes:

  1. Outline
  2. Bulletpoint your notes under important headlines
  3. Highlight notes in your textbooks
  4. Make Diagrams
  5. Tip from Dr. Wagih Youssef:
  • Make a summary for the topic in 1 or 2 pages to include the most important points( high- yield for questions)

Exam Preparation:

  1. Set the environment that you study best in. If you like silence make sure you are sitting somewhere in complete silence with no distractions, put your phone on silent! (I know that’s a tough one, but Instagram can wait, right?)
  2. “Do not start new part the night before the midterm exam( you will be confused and lose what you already know” –Dr. Wagih Youssef
  3. Have you tried to self-test? Prepare some exam questions and either create your own exam or write them on flashcards with the answer on the back, then go ahead and begin to take a mock exam.
  4. Get a good night’s sleep (Rest was a big one for me! A long night will only have you waking up thinking about your next nap)
  5. Be prepared for the exam, nothing takes your mind off what you studied than running late or forgetting to bring something to write with (Parking is a concern everywhere, leave early and give yourself enough time to park, if you take public transportation come in earlier than usual).
  6. Be positive, believe in yourself. You got into the program now keep going ( Be confident that you will pass the exam).

These are some of the tips I picked up and have used along with some that were provided by your own faculty at EIC.

Written by Steph Bassanini

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