5 Reasons You Should Attend Eastern International College

Eastern International College is a school that was established back in 1990 as the Micro Tech Training Center. It has since become a highly-regarded school that focuses on providing students with the foundation and education that they need to pursue a medical career. Here are five reasons why you should attend Eastern International:

1 .Programs That Focus on In-Demand Programs

Our goal is to properly prepare students for today’s market, which is why we offer programs that focus on in-demand medical careers, such as nursing, dental hygiene, medical assistant, cardiovascular technology and diagnostic medical sonography.

2. An Experienced Faculty and Staff

The education you receive when you go to college is only going to be as good as the teachers. Our faculty and staff are highly experienced with a mix of extensive knowledge and the ability to connect with students.

3. Small Class Sizes

A small class size allows for a more intimate setting to learn in. The small class sizes also allow our teachers to provide more individual attention to each student, allowing you to get the absolute most out of your education.

4. Two Campuses

Eastern International College is made up of two different campuses in Belleville and Jersey City, NJ. Having two campuses to choose from makes attending classes more convenient for many of our students.

5. Diverse Campus Life

While education is important, it’s also important that students have a balanced life on campus. In addition to providing a rich learning environment, we also encourage students to become more involved on campus by offering various activities and events to participate in.

For more information about our programs, be sure to contact one of our admissions representatives today.