Medical Assistant Program Faculty

The medical assistant program faculty at Eastern International College strive to instill professionalism and promote a strong work ethic to help students prepare for future allied health careers. As part of our rigorous curriculum, our faculty is committed to teaching students the technical and critical thinking skills needed to meet and exceed the expectations of entry-level positions in the healthcare industry. To view program director/clinical coordinator and educator credentials for our medical assistant program faculty, browse our directory below.

Medical Assistant Program Faculty Directory

Louis Frimet* Department Chairperson/Clinical Coordinator, Medical Assistant (Jersey City)
MBA, MHA, Baruch College CUNY

Shpend Pula, Department Chairperson/Medical Assistant (Belleville)
MPH, Hunter College, CUNY
MD, University of Prishtina Medical School

Galicano C. Munar
LLB, Baguio Colleges Foundation
AB, St. Louis University (Philippines)

About Our Medical Assistant Program

The Medical Assistant Associate Degree Program prepares students to work as entry-level medical assistants in doctor’s offices, medical imaging laboratories, and hospitals. The program provides students with thorough and practical training in medical and laboratory procedures, as well as general medical knowledge and training in the area of medical office procedures. The program combines 20 general education credits in reading, writing, basic math, basic science, psychology and speech and 40 credits in the program’s major courses for a total of 60 semester credits.

Reach Out to the Medical Assistant Program Faculty

To learn more about the medical assistant program or to contact Eastern International College faculty, call our Jersey City or Belleville campus today. You can also request contact and program information using our convenient online form.